Bill C-16

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The Federal Government of Canada passed Bill C-16,  June 6, 2017.  Bill C-16  amended the Canadian human rights act and the criminal code to include gender identity and gender expression as groups protected from ‘discrimination’. Anything termed as ‘hate speech’ or ‘discrimination’ against someone’s gender identity or gender expression is now a criminal offence. 

Bill C-16 spurred the creation of SOGI 123 programs around Canada. It is also a well known example around the world of the potential result that extreme social justice influence can have in the political realm and the effects that transgender ideologies have on freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

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Ontario's Bill 89

Bill 89, or the Supporting Children Youth and Families Act  2017, repealed and replaced the former Child and Family Services Act that governs child protection services, and adoption and foster care services. It adds “gender identity” and “gender expression” as factors to be considered “in the best interests of the child.” At the same time, it ignores the religious faith which the parents are raising the child as a factor to be considered.

Pro-family advocates warn Bill 89 gives the state more power to seize children from families that oppose the LGBTQ+ and gender ideology agendas, and allows government agencies to effectively ban couples who disagree with that agenda from fostering or adopting children.

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