We Want to Meet You!

Join the hundreds of concerned Canadians who are standing up and speaking out against intrusive programs like SOGI 123.  We cannot allow  liberal ideological movements and sexual activists to shape the minds of our future. Join us at our next event and meet other like-minded Canadians!

Come to an Event

Come to our regularly scheduled information sessions and bring your friends! We share the facts and will keep you updated on current events. Visit our calendar for more details!

Share and Speak out

Share our information and spread the truth with those you know. These subjects can be divisive but it is crucial to share your opinion for the sake of your future and our youth's.

Donate to CCFF

Help fund us to speak on your behalf! We know that God has called us to come together and defend his children and that He will provide the funds we need through our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are stronger TOGETHER!

Your Donations will keep the Canadian Council for Faith and Family Going!

The Canadian Council for Faith and Family is supported through the donations and services of our followers.


The brochures, fliers, content, and matierial provided for free at the events


The speaker’s time, research, and presentation are all supported through donations.


The organized and planned protests, rallies, and stand-outs

Any donation is greatly appreciated!

Host an Event

We would love to be invited to speak to your group, congregation, or special event. Our experienced speakers are highly knowledgable and dedicated to the truths regarding gender ideologies and the serious implications they will have on our youth, culture, and politics.

Refer us to others that you think might be interested in hosting us. We are working hard to create strong networks with many different Vancouver and BC churches so that we can fight against this together as a united front.

Just email our amazing events coordinator Laura Gebbinick and she 

will happily work out the date, time, and any other details. 


We Need More Volunteers!

The Canadian Council for Faith and Family wants to invite anyone who would like to take part and assist with events, rallies, and other projects that we are taking on! We would love to get to know you,  and hear any ideas, and appreciate any skills or time that you are willing to provide.

It is a great way to contribute, learn, and network with many like-minded people to have open conversations about the cultural, political, and spiritual landscape of Canada today!  

Fill out the form below and check off the boxes that interest you!

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