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Pastors Weigh in on the LGBTQ Issue in Canada and Freedoms at Risk

What can pastors do to stand together? Is Freedom of Religion under assault? What does it mean to love and yet not agree?

Paul Dirks on SOGI and the Trans Agenda

Pastor Paul Dirks was invited to speak to the Senate on Bill C-16 and we discuss the ramifications for women in this day where declaring you “are a woman” means that you “are a woman”. Confusion has ensued that has put women in danger as in the Target stores in the US.

Freedom of Religion, Conscience, SOGI, and issues that matter with Doug Sharpe

Doug Sharpe weighs in on our serious political climate and the erosion of what we have taken for granted. We talk about sex ed curriculum, freedom of religion and conscience and how we have come to a place in which what we hold dear is under assault.

BC Education Is Teaching All Kids that They are Gender Fluid

This Shocking Video shows how the SOGI 123 program is being taught in BC School Rooms. This type of curriculum will only cause wide-scale confusion for the students, producing doubt in the minds of our youth. This kind of indoctrination should not be present in our education system as it is completely contrary to the natural laws of biology. How will other subject be altered in order to pander to this politically charged ideology?

“I’m Going To Stop Your Right There” – A Message From Laura Lynn-Tyler Thompson

The schools are violating moral and legal laws. Why is anal sex being discussed? Lawsuits will begin happening because of the schools pandering these obscenities to minors. Explicit images and topics are being discussed in the schools without the parents permission or even knowledge. This will not be taken lightly and we are seeing now how parents are standing up to this inappropriate curriculum.


SOGI 123 Richmond Protest - June 27th, 2018

Parents are outraged. There’s a protest going on in Richmond at Burnett School at 5011 Granville Avenue, Richmond, BC June 27, 2018 6:00 p.m.  where parents and concerned citizens are standing against gender-fluid ideology being taught in our BC schools without parental permission. There are severe consequences to celebrating kids into transition without understanding that most kids will desist from these feelings and be completely at home in their bodies.

The truth about SOGI

The truth about what is going in our schools and how the left has labeled us haters and bigots for ANY disagreement. The LGBTQ are free citizens of this country, as are Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, Atheists and Christians. No one group is superior over the other. Labeling anyone who disagrees with another group’s worldview is a bullying tactic and has no place in Canada.

On the REBEL MEDIA - Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson

Provocative interview with Laura-Lynn on SOGI 123, Glen Hansman, President of the BCTF and Morgan Oger, VP of the NDP BC who are deceiving the public on the new sex curriculum. SOGI will tell every child that they are gender fluid.

April 23rd -Join us for the Sex Ed Sit out Protesting SOGI 123


Laura-Lynn & Friends Interview w/ Jenn Smith BANNED from National TV Broadcast

I am releasing today a special web-only edition of what has become a three part video interview with transgender identified male Jenn Smith, whom many of you will know is a very vocal local opponent of what he calls the anti-democratic “trans agenda.”

Jenn Smith speaks with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson - PART 2 BANNED from TV Broadcast

Banned from National TV in Canada! Part two of my interview with controversial blogger and activist Jenn Smith, who is a transgender identified male that believes transgender activism constitutes a threat to freedom.

Jenn Smith speaks with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson - PART 3 BANNED from TV Broadcast

The Final And Most Compelling Part 3 with Jenn Smith Here is my Interview with transgender identified male Jenn Smith, in which Jenn exposes government lies and deception, and discusses the need for Christians to stand up and fight back against SOGI 123 and other similar programs across Canada and the world that are busy trampling the rights and beliefs of anybody that disagrees.

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