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We need you talk talk to your children and grandchildren about SOGI 123 and get their first hand experience about the program. We want to know how they feel and how it is effecting  their classmates. This will not only help to inform your children, but it will help the Canadian Council for Faith and Family to understand the impact that SOGI 123 is having in the schools now. We need the written testimonies from concerned parents so that we can fight back with logs about how this program is effecting families. 

We want to hear your stories, whether it is about SOGI 123, dealing with transgenderism, LGBTQ+ family members or friends, impact of LGBTQ+ culture on your children, social justice ideologies in school or work, or how you have encountered SOGI laws and policies in the workplace.

We want to empower Canadians everywhere to speak their mind and this is an amazing way to do it. We would like to share your testimonies on our website to inform and inspire others to do the same. We can make you anonymous if that is what you would like, for the protection of you and and your family. If you do not want your testimony posted we will respect your wish, but we would still love to read about your experiences.

"Mommy, when will I know what I am?"

A women spoke up at one of our information sessions and told us that her friends daughter came home from school worried and desperate to ask her mother this question. This was the result of  a SOGI program being taught in class that day. SOGI 123 is spreading unnecessary and unwanted confusion in the minds of all of our youth. We have a responsibility to protect our children’s hearts and minds from those that would promote lies and fear.

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Shared Testimonials

1st Testimony

“My nephew who is a single parent, his son now 12 years old came home saying that he thought he was gay. After having some conversation with his son, he found out what he was being taught in school. My nephew went to the North Vancouver school upset. The principal then bared him from the school.”

- Anonymous

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